The Docks
Nearly a quarter of a mile along the shore, the docks are where various trade vessels come to load and unload wares. The Dock master runs a tight operation that is fully backed and funded by local labor and Guild silver. 

The Orchards
Five square miles of fruit orchards spans the northeastern region of the town. A few scattered farmsteads inhabit this district. Five well maintained dirt roads wind through the orchards, connecting the farmsteads to the Three Shrines northern road all the way to Great Forks. Day-laborers from Great Forks and Tenyio locals provide the workforce that harvests the fruit. All are paid a fair wage in Guild silver for the careful work needed in harvesting the fruit.

Miyori's Vineyard
Three square miles on the town's eastern region is a vast sprawling vineyard owned by the Miyori Family, a cadet branch of the Gens Yushoto of Lookshy. The Vineyard's current proprietor is Jushei Miyori, a retired Lookshyan solider seeking a quiet life as he enters his golden years. The wine produced from the vineyard's sun kissed grapes are quiet popular in Great Forks, and barrels of the vintage are sold on a monthly basis via savvy Guild merchants who have curried Master Miyori's favor.

Guild Hall
A large two story building over looking the northern edge of the town's market plaza. It is here where Guild merchants, artisans, and bureaucrats gather to file patents, pay dues, pay taxes, file paperwork, deposit funds, cash letters of credit, and all a manner of Guild business. 

Peach Blossom Tea House
A tea house built in the ancient Shogunate Era style. It serves as a quiet respite for visiting merchants, river boat captains, and the wealthier locals. It also doubles as Tenyio's sole entertainment venue. Musicians, dancers, and players troupes traveling to and coming from Great Forks offer spell binding performances upon its stage several evenings a week. Much to the delight of the local populace who frequent the establishment.

Fox and Hound Inn
The Fox and Hound is a tavern unlike any other, for those who bother to take it all in. It is, to the casual observer, a well appointed establishment that puts patrons into a state of immediate ease and comfort upon entering. The tavern has multiple locations, both well known and far flung. They are all identical, with any modifications being made to one swiftly being made to all of the others. Each building itself seems to be constructed overnight, although no one is quite sure when. It’s like it’s always been there, quietly watching and absorbing all the information it can from its surroundings.

The Jade House
This large one story building is Master Resplendent Jade Elixir's clinic, hospice, and residence.

Shrine of Fortunate Tributaries
This well maintained pagoda and flower garden, located west of the Market Plaza, is a shrine dedicated to the Godly Patron of Tenyio, Fortunate Tributaries.

Shrine of The Three
Located in the neighborhood north of the Market Plaza, is a large and well maintained temple and mediation garden dedicated to the three patron gods and rulers of Great Forks: Shield of a Different Day, Weaver of Dreams of Victory, and Spinner of Glorious Tales


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