Sun Forged Oath

A Different Perspective

Dream sent during Session 37

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A dream sent to the bartender of a small inn near the capital of Thorns, who Subdued Summer judged to need a bit of help keeping his word of discretion.

He wakes – it's midday, and he's preparing for the lunch shift. A cloaked figure walks in, and begins inquiring about visitors to the bar and any individuals they may have consorted with. The questions are leading, but generally unspecific, and masterfully designed to encourage the bartender to unknowingly divulge the presence and conversations Night Warden may have had, as well as when he and his potential companions may have left and what direction they went. Any resistance met results in the cloaked figure making thinly veiled threats, and
then a more direct threat.

"Your life is worth more than a dinar, is it not?" the figure says, and the bartender agrees, finally giving up the information. The figure leaves. Soon after, a team of death knights burst into the bar. They ask the bartender what he knows, and again he divulges everything, this time expanding upon details as one particularly startling woman with disturbing eyes grins
wickedly, brandishing her weapon in a casual but menacing fashion.

Once the bartender finishes speaking, the crazed woman grins a terrifying smile, and takes a step towards him. Another says, "Thank you for the information, and the verification that you can not be trusted." 

The world is suddenly washed in pain and darkness as the woman's weapon enters the bartender's body. The last words he hears before giving in to unconciousness, "Raze the town. It's time to send a message."



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