Resplendent Jade Elixir

Doctor of the People



Strength 4
Dexterity 5
Stamina 4

Charisma 3
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2

Perception 4
Intelligence 5
Wits 3


Archery 0
Athletics 0
Awareness 4
Brawl 5
Bureaucracy 2
Craft (Alchemy) 5
Craft (Artifact) 5
Dodge 0
Integrity 4
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 2
Lore 3
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 5
Melee 0
Occult 5
Performance 0
Presence 3
Resistance 2
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 3
Stealth 0
Survival 2
Thrown 0
War 0


Brawl (Multiple Foes)
Brawl (Pressure Points)
Craft (Organic Materials)
Craft (Alchemy)
Medicine (Diagnosis)
Occult (Sorcery)
Presence (Persuasion)


Allies (Mighty Jade Triumph) o
Allies (Fortunate Tributaries) ooo
Artifact (Ward vs Demons) o
Artifact (Travelers Staff) oo
Contacts (Common Folk of Great Forks) o
Direction Sense o
Edict Memory oo
Followers ooo
Influence (Sorcerer, Sage, and Protector of the River-lands) oo
Influence (Powerful Shaman of the Yuan) o
Language (Old Realm) o
Living Spirit Cultivation ooo
Pure-Heart Cultivation oo
Resources oo
Retainer (Shy Marigold) oo
Retainer (Fresh Surf, Water Elemental) oo


Defining Tie: The Downtrodden (Compassion)

Major Tie: Healing (Pride)
Major Tie: Sorcery (Excitement)
Major Tie: Dark Iron Star(Hate)
Major Tie: Crafting Jade Elixir (Obsession)

Minor Tie: Eagle Wind (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Low Vice (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Relentless Vanguard (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Subdued Summer(Friendship)
Minor Tie: Silent Flower (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Experimenting with Brewing Potions (Enjoyment)
Minor Tie: Demons (Hate)
Minor Tie: Crafting Artifacts (Joy)
Minor Principle: “I must keep myself safe to protect others”
Minor Principle: “I generally distrust most things”


Fists of Iron Technique
Falling Hammer Strike
Ferocious Jab
Wind and Stones Defense
Thunderclap Rush Attack

Craftsman Needs No Tools
Flawless Handiwork Method
Arete Shifting Prana

Ailment Rectifying Method
Plague-Banishing Incitation
Wound Mending Care Technique
Wound Cleansing Meditation
Instant Treatment Methodology
Flawless Diagnosis Technique
Contagion Curing Touch
Anointment of Miraculous Health
Wound Banishing Technique
Wholeness Restoration Meditation
Healing Trance Meditation
Touch of Blissful Release
Body-Purifying Admonitions

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


Initiation: Soul-Perfecting Elixir

Spells: Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (Control). Summon Elemental. Flight of the Brilliant Raptor. Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares.

Rituals: By abstaining from rich foods, drugs, and sexual intercourse, the sorcerer receives (Stamina) sorcerous motes after a night of sleep, plus one addition mote per deprivation penalty suffered. The motes lasts until he next sleeps. Additionally, once per story, meditate for one scene and gain ( Essence + Stamina ) in sorcerous motes.

The sorcerer can brew a draught that grants sorcererous motes. Creating a single dose of this potion is a difficulty 2 (Intelligence + Craft) roll that takes a few hours. Brewing a larger batch increases the difficulty by 2, but provides the sorcerer with effectively as much of the potion as she needs. Drinking this potion is a miscellaneous action, rolling (Stamina + Occult) and gaining a sorcerous mote for each success. These motes last for the duration of the scene, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. She may only benefit from one draught each scene, and the balance of reagents to humors means the potion only benefits the sorcerer who brewed it. A prepared draught retains its efficacy for about a week. The sorcerer may prepare special elixirs that permanently retain their efficacy, but provide sorcerous motes that can only be spent casting her control spell.

Sorcerous Workings:

Devil Trap in Mist Grove Forest. 1 Exp.
Ever-filling Bottle. 2 Exp.
Ever-filling Bottle. 2 Exp.
Ever-filling Bottle. 2 Exp.
Ever-filling Bottle. 2 Exp.
Ever-Filling Bottle 2 Exp.
Verdant-Rebirth of Yuan 8 Exp
Blessing of the jade house Garden. 1 Exp


Willpower 7
Essence 2

Personal: 16
Peripheral: 40
Committed: 0


Travelers Staff
Ward vs Demons


Medical Kit
Traveling Alchemy Kit
Cask of Purifying Elixir (Potent for one week)
Vial of Ink
3 Jars of Seven Bounties Paste
2 Potions of Pain Tolerance (Grants Merit Pain Tolerance for One Scene)
2 Bottles of Numbing Agent
Sweet Cordial
Liquid essence of winter’s first snow.
Smoke Grenade Schematics
Vial of Rose Oil
Cold Vine Oil
Hakuran Herbs


Jade is an only child born in Tenyio to two loving parents Springtime Bloom and Shining Star. Jade never wanted for anything as a child and his parents doted on him endlessly. Jade grew up distant from the common person and felt he and his family were above the commoners he saw around them.

Jade was taught by the finest tutors his parents could supply and earned glowing marks from all of his professors. Jade quickly showed a talent for two things: magic and health. young Jade would wake up every single morning and train his body endlessly, then bathe, and then back to the books.

When Jade was in his late teens both of his parents were killed while out of town on a business trip. Jade later learned his parents were killed by a powerful demon named Dark Iron Star. This loss threw Jade into a deep depression, during this time he squandered most of his family’s wealth and fell into darkness. Eventually he was pulled out of darkness by a local hermit named Cleansing Tonic.

Cleansing Tonic found young Jade sleeping in a gutter, at first he didn’t recognize the young man but after taking a second look he realized who the child was. He had heard that the child was gifted from some of the local educators who tutored the child. Figuring it would be a waste to simply walk away he decided to carry Jade back to his parents home and put him into bed.

Tonic worked with Jade every day, it was hard and Jade was a poor student, something Jade had never been in his past. The once eager mind so full of himself and so cocky had been destroyed with the loss of his parents. Through sheer perseverance Tonic was eventually able to get through to Jade. Tonic had heard the boy showed a talent for magic but had never been formally trained. To try and entice young Jade, Tonic started to cast minor spells when he would walk into Jade’s room. Eventually the desire to learn overcame the darkness that had taken root in Jades heart.

Over the course of several years Tonic educated Jade in the ways of magic and also medicine. It seems Tonic was not just a minor sorcerer but also one of the most talented doctors in all of creation. He taught Jade all he knew of both magic and medicine, this sparked a fierce desire in Jade to learn everything he could in both of these fields and this still drives him today.

Several years passed and eventually Jade decided to make a change in his life. He would no longer simply be a spoiled brat. Jade had decided to give back to the community, and he had a pretty good idea how he would do it. He spoke with Tonic and had decided to renovate his parents home in downtown Tenyio into a clinic. He decided the best thing he could do would be to serve the people of Tenyio to the best of his ability. So, with the help of Tonic he setup The Jade House. Jade found a new obsession with being a doctor sometimes to his own detriment. He worked endlessly and started to withdraw from the outside world. It was at this time Tonic suggest Jade hire additional help as he and Jade were quickly becoming overrun with new cases and sometimes going days without sleeping. Jade refused believing that he alone could save the people of Tenyio, that he alone had the skills and with his mentor behind him there was no way the two could fail. This went on for several months.

As Jade had finished a surgery he looked for his mentor to commiserate with about the successful operation. Jade looked all over the building for Tonic and walked into the office of his mentor. He cracked the door and found Tonic sitting in his normal leather chair. Without checking on the man Jade walked away figuring Tonic was just catching some sleep. He was after all considerably older than Jade and surely age had caught up to the old man. Jade smiled and walked away… had he only taken the time to check….

Jade saw an immeasurable number of patients that day. If you asked him now their is no way he could produce an answer that would make sense. Eventually though he went and checked on his mentor again only to find him cold to the touch. It seems after several years mentoring young Jade his mentor Cleansing Tonic had given all he could and finally his age and his health caught up with him. This was the second great loss of Jade’s life.

After taking care of his mentors body and honoring his memory Jade eventually searched his old mentors office. Eventually he found a letter from his mentor addressed to Jade. The letter was a reminder to Jade to not lose himself again, to try and remember that having people in his life is just as important as working. To this day Jade struggles to maintain relationships as his personality drives him to a perfection he can never truly meet. Jade eventually removed Tonic’s name from the office but still holds the nameplate as a memory of his old comrade and mentor. Jade has claimed Tonic’s office as his personal office but rarely steps foot into it preferring his old lab and room in the basement. Jade then hired a compliment of nurses, staff, and additional doctors to assist him. Jade strives every day to battle his own personality into submission and try and remember he is after all human and needs to make connections in this world.

Resplendent Jade Elixir

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