Resplendent Jade Elixir

Doctor of the People



Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Stamina 3

Charisma 3
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2

Perception 2
Intelligence 5
Wits 2


Archery 0
Athletics 0
Awareness 2
Brawl 2
Bureaucracy 2
Craft 0
Dodge 0
Integrity 4
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 2
Lore 3
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 4
Melee 0
Occult 4
Performance 0
Presence 3
Resistance 2
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 3
Stealth 0
Survival 2
Thrown 0
War 0


Brawl (Multiple Foes)
Medicine (Diagnosis)
Occult (Sorcery)
Presence (Persuasion)


Contacts o
Direction Sense o
Edict Memory oo
Followers o
Influence o
Language (Old Realm) o
Resources o
Sorcery ooooo


Defining Tie: The Downtrodden (Compassion)

Major Principle: “I must keep myself safe to protect others”
Major Tie: Healing (Pride)
Major Tie: Sorcery (Excitement)
Major Tie: Demons (Hate)

Minor Tie: Eagle Wind (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Low Vice (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Relentless Vanguard (Friendship)
Minor Tie: Subdued Summer(Friendship)
Minor Tie: Silent Flower (Friendship)


Initiation: Soul-Perfecting Elixir

Spells: Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (Control).

Ritual: By abstaining from rich foods, drugs, and sexual intercourse, the sorcerer receives (Stamina) sorcerous motes after a night of sleep, plus one addition mote per deprivation penalty suffered. The motes lasts until he next sleeps. Additionally, once per story, meditate for one scene and gain ( Essence + Stamina ) in sorcerous motes.


Willpower 5
Essence 1


Medical Kit


Resplendent Jade Elixir

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