Radiant Koi

Careful Spy



Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Stamina 4

Charisma 3
Manipulation 4
Appearance 3

Perception 4
Intelligence 4
Wits 5


Archery 0
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Brawl 3
Bureaucracy 2
Craft 0
Dodge 2
Integrity 2
Investigation 2
Larceny 4
Linguistics 2
Lore 2
Martial Arts 4 (Dreaming Pearl Courtesan)
Martial Arts 4 (White Veil)
Medicine 3
Melee 1
Occult 2
Performance 3
Presence 2
Resistance 2
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 3
Stealth 5
Survival 0
Thrown 2
War 0


Awareness (Keen Hearing)
Brawl (Improvised Weapons)
Investigation (Profiling)
Larceny (Disguise)
Larceny (Lock Picking)
Medicine (Pressure Points)
Presence (Persuasion)
Socialize (Read Intentions)
Stealth (Hiding in Plain Sight)


Artifact (Ultimately Useful Tube) oo
Artifact (Ward vs Demons) o
Artifact (Black Jade Garrote) ooo
Artifact (Soulsteel Short Daiklaive) ooo
Artifact (Silk Armor) oooo
Contacts (Nexus Underworld) o
Backing (White Veil Society) ooo 
Familiar (Victorious Carp) oo
Language (High Realm) o
Language (Low Realm) o
Language (Old Realm) o
Martial Artist oooo
Mentor (Mint By Midnight) oo
Resources o
Retainer (Black Pearl) oo

Gentle River’s Merits
Influence (Celebrated Performer) o
Contacts (Great Forks Performers) o

Ashen Crow’s Merits
Backing (Guild Merchant) ooo
Allies (Rumbling Ford) o
Allies (Obsidian Heart) o
Contacts (Great Forks Guild Merchants) o
Influence (Clever Merchant) o
Resources o
Retainer (Leaping Sky, shop boy) oo


Defining Principle: “Information is Wisdom”

Major Principle: “Loyalty is the greatest gift you can give.”
Major Principle: “Don’t bring trouble home.”
Major Tie: Bandits (Hate)
Major Tie: Forged By Stone (Friendship)
Major Tie: Subdued Summer (Friendship)
Major Tie: Mint By Midnight (Respect)
Major Tie: The Fox & Hound (Protective)

Minor Principle: “Don’t draw attention to yourself.”
Minor Tie: Children (Compassion)
Minor Tie: Silent Flower(Respect)
Minor Tie: Resplendent Jade Elixir (Respect)
Minor Tie: Eagle Wind (Respect)
Minor Tie: Relentless Vanguard (Respect)
Minor Tie: Saner “Low Vice” Hu (Respect)
Minor Tie: Enlightened by Light (Kinship)
Minor Tie: Victorious Carp (Affection)
Minor Tie: Unfettered Thunder (Fear)

Sensory Acuity Prana
Keen Hearing and Touch Technique
Keen Taste and Smell Technique
Surprise Anticipation Method

Seasoned Criminal Method
Flawless Impenetrable Disguise
Lock-Opening Touch
Living Shadow Preparedness

Bird Song Over Blades
Owl Clutches Night
Alehouse Memory Stance
White Veil Form

Demure Carp Feint
Elegant Weapon Repertoire
Pearlesent Filigree Defense
Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form

Masterful Performance Exercise

Mastery of Small Manners
Motive Discerning Technique
Shadow Over Day

Easily-Overlooked Presence Method
Blinding Battle Feint
Perfect Shadow Stillness
Stalking Wolf Attitude
Killing Shroud Technique
Flash-Eyed Killer’s Insight
Blurred Form Style
Guardian Fog Approach
Invisible Statue Spirit
Shadow Victor’s Riposte
Dark Sentinel’s Way


Willpower 7
Essence 2

Personal: 16
Peripheral: 31 (max 40)
Committed: 9 (Black Jade Garrote. Silk Armor)


Ultimately Useful Tube
Silent Depths (Black Jade Garrote)
Last Breath (Soulsteel Short Daiklaive)
Sable Caress (Silk Armor)


Disguise Kit
Exceptional Disguise Kit
Exceptional Clothing
Calligraphy Kit
War Fan
Garrote (Silk Rope)
Hand Needle
White Silk Veil
Collection of various Poisons.


Radiant Koi isn’t his birth name, It’s Jubilant Thunder. Only Subdued Summer, Dierdre, Autumn Tempest, Forged by Stone, and Mint by Midnight know this truth.

He was the first born of the successful merchants Triumphant Thunder and Bounteous Jasmine. Koi was born in Great Forks proper. He had two younger siblings: Leaping Jasmine (sister) and Whispering Thunder (brother).

It was while traveling in caravan to visit family in Nexus for Calibration when Koi was ten, that his family was ambushed and murdered by bandits. Koi was the only member of his family to survive. He then was forced to live with his emotionally abusive uncle, Unfettered Thunder, in Nexus.

Radiant Koi

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