Lovely Breath

Carefree Explorer



Strength 4
Dexterity 5
Stamina 4

Charisma 5
Manipulation 2
Appearance 5

Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 3


Archery 0
Athletics 4
Awareness 5
Brawl 3
Bureaucracy 1
Craft (Drawing) 1
Dodge 1
Integrity 3
Investigation 3
Larceny 3
Linguistics 1
Lore 2
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 0
Melee 4
Occult 2
Performance 0
Presence 2
Resistance 2
Ride 1
Sail 0
Socialize 1
Stealth 3
Survival 3
Thrown 4
War 0


Athletics (Acrobatics)
Integrity (Solipsistic)
Lore (First Age)
Lore (Research)
Melee (Swords)
Melee (Improvised Weapons)
Occult (Behemoths)
Thrown (Knives)
Thrown (Improvised Weapons)


Allies (Content Not Found: sunset-fox_) o
Allies (Content Not Found: amara_) ooo
Allies (Saffron Dusk, Lunar Mate) ooooo
Blessing of the Clever Tree ( + 1 Difficulty to all Grapple Gambit attacks) oo
Blessing of Suzaku (+ 1 Bonus to Disengage, Soak, and Hardness vs Fire) oo
Blessing of Hidari (+ 2 Resolve gained via Willpower against erosion of Intimacies of Friendship) oo
Fast Reflexes ooo
Influence (Hakura, Champion of Suzaku) oo
Language (Old Realm) o
Manse (Heart of Hakura) ooooo
Mentor (Content Not Found: braken-kol_) o
Mentor (_Content Not Found: timid-tempest) o
Mentor (Content Not Found: white-jade-tree) ooo
Resources o


Defining Principle: “Find something no one can explain”

Major Tie: Burden of Mercy (Respect)
Major Tie: Learning (Avid)
Major Tie: Freedom (Devotion)
Major Tie: Food (Love)
Major Tie: Saffron Dusk(Affection)
Major Principle: “Preserve History”

Minor Tie: Illusive Breeze (Respect)
Minor Tie: Ripple on Still Water (Affection)
Minor Tie: Team Cohesion (Hopeful)
Minor Tie: Priests (Distrust)
Minor Tie: Fair Folk (Dislike)


Graceful Crane Stance
Monkey Leap Technique
Foe-Vaulting Method
Lightning Speed

Sensory-Acuity Prana

Fist of Iron Technique
Vicious Lunge
Thunderclap Rush Attack
Iron Battle Focus
Unbreakable Grip
Ferocious Jab
Heaven Thunder Hammer

Integrity Protecting Prana

Dipping Swallow Defense

Ox-Body Technique

Precision of the Striking Raptor
Steel Storm Descending


Throwing Knives
Short Sword
Fishing wire
Maps of Under-Hakura


Cold Iron Dagger
Boon of Amara, the Thrice Blessed. x2
A Favor of Exigent Exaltation of Amara the Thrice Blessed.


Willpower 9
Essence 1


Lovely Breath

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