Burden of Mercy

Sacred Chaplin of the Hakuran Military.



Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 5

Charisma 5
Manipulation 1
Appearance 3

Perception 4
Intelligence 5
Wits 4


Archery 0
Athletics 1
Awareness 1
Brawl 2
Bureaucracy 1
Craft (Ornamentation) 5
Craft (Cooking) 1
Craft (Alchemy) 1
Craft (Artifacts) 4
Dodge 1
Integrity 3
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 1
Lore 5
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 1
Melee 0
Occult 5
Performance 3
Presence 4
Resistance 2
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 3
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Thrown 0
War 1


Craft: Ornamentation (Glass)
Medicine (Cautery)
Lore (River Province Flora)
Occult (Fire Magic)
Performance (Influence Morale)

Allies (Sirocco) oo
Allies (Strong Ginko) o
Allies (Silent Flame) oo
Allies (Flicker Light) o
Artifact (Silken Armor) oooo
Backing (Hakura Military) ooo
Backing (Priest of Suzaku) ooo
Contacts o
Demense (Mt Fu Hot Springs) oooo
Followers (Priests) oo
Hearth Stone (Candent Carbuncle) oooo
Influence (Hakura) oo
Language (Old Realm) o
Language (Flame Tongue) o
Manse (Mt Fu Hot Springs) ooooo
Mentor (Suzaku) ooo
Resources o
The Burning Name oo


Defining Tie: Sirocco (Love)
Defining Principle: “Fires you set are yours to tend” (Take responsibility for what you set into motion.)

Major Tie: Hakura (Love)
Major Tie: Slavers (Hatred)
Major Tie: Lovely Breath (Friendship)
Major Tie: River Flows Deep (Wary Respect)
Major Tie: Ripple in Still Water (Camaraderie)
Major Tie: Charmed Light (Kinship)
Major Tie: Thrice Betrayed Leaf (Hate)
Major Tie: Unconquered Sun (Loyalty)
Major Principle: “Live with righteousness and valor in your heart.”
Major Principle: “Bring forth the wrath of the Sun upon those who would defile Creation.”
Major Principle: “The lives of mankind are treasures beyond price.”
Major Principle: “Pain is the most powerful teacher.”
Major Principle: “If you must burn, burn with purpose. Be wildfire, hearth, forge.”

Minor Tie: Amara the Thrice Blessed (Reverence)
Minor Tie: Travel by Ship (Apprehension)
Minor Tie: 4971 Hungry Devils (Disdain)
Minor Tie: Red Serpent’s Eye (Respect)
Minor Tie: Suzaku (Loyalty)
Minor Principle: “Focused fires burn brightest.”


Tireless Workhorse Method
Craftsman Needs No Tools

Harmonious Academic Methodology
Essence-Lending Method
Will-Bolstering Method
Wound Accepting Technique
Injury Forcing Technique
Essence Draining Touch
Force-Draining Whisper
Essence Fount
Eminent Solar Glory
Wyld-Dispelling Prana

Spirit Detecting Glance

Listener Swaying Argument

Ox-Body Technique x2
Body Mending Meditation

Mastery of Small Manners


Initiation: Pact with Suzaku

Shaping Rituals: Draw From Fire, Pending Artifact Stunting

Spells: Flight of the Brillant Raptor (control). Summon Elemental. Virtuous Guardian of Flame


Naming Brush: A sorcerous ritual, similar to the original summoning of an Elemental, allows the user of this beautiful brush to Name and then bind an Elemental to a place or object as a form of “Sanctum”, allowing the spirit to use the “Hurry Home” charm to return to the location or object when the elemental’s name is invoked spoken aloud.

Tea Set: Even a single sip of tea from this carefully maintained tea set blocks magical observation upon the user for the duration of the tea ceremony (typically until the Social or RP scene is finished).


Investigators Lens
Alchemy Set
Fire Festival Masks
Appu Tournament Baubles
Appu Tournament Red Serpent’s Attire
Appu Tournament Merchant Bribe (Earring)
Glass Statue of Byakko
Masks of Named Fires (Battle Group)


Willpower 7
Essence 1

Tall, lean, slightly bookish in build this man appears to be in his early twenties. He has lightly golden skin, marking him as a descendant of the South, with a confident and magnetic presence. He has ruddy brown hair that is closely cropped and sports a good few scars along his body that have long since faded from age. His face is clean shaven and his clothes meticulously cared for.

He has a love of jewelry, but often wears only a single peculiar piece made from Chiaroscuran glass and feathersteel in the shape of a set of talons that rest on his left hand each connected by a feather steel chain to a bracer on his left wrist with a large “gem” of ornamental glass.

Aside from the single piece of jewelry his attire is largely formal. Priest garb, Quartermaster uniform, or well made work-clothes. There is small silver stitching upon his representations of the Quartermasters symbol, marking him as one of the City-Priests tasked to aid the city in ways that are usually harder to categorize or quantify. To greatly simplify Priest duties: They largely revolve around increasing city morale with the methods of doing so varying greatly depending on the priest.


“I was born in Chiaroscuro. My mother was ship merchant than ran glass to other areas by sea. I barely remember the city, really. It’s been so long since I have been there in person. I was only four, you see, when our ship was struck. A group of pirates, nasty bunch, took everyone and everything on that ship ’cept the guards. Those they killed.”

“Kids like me weren’t really worth the price of transportation. I didn’t have any great skills, I was a risk for disease, and honestly… I wasn’t pretty enough for the more twisted dynast reasons for buying a young slave-boy. They made port and sold me off quick to a traveling nobleman by the name of Qi’Berre. A real piece of work, though, might have given some of the nose-in-the-air patrician families a run for their money.”

“Qi’Berre had a plan in motion to raise his station. He would learn sorcery in the kingdom of Hakura and then weave magics into his political vendettas. It took nearly a year to set everything up. Concubines, priests, and an entourage were hired to bribe the Fire god Suzaku. Plans were made for travel and soon the Noble, and his entourage that now included myself as a personal message runner, left for the Kingdom.”

“The Noble made a grand entrance with attendants and courtesans at his side, brushing past the children playing at the temple. I scampered off to the edge of the crowd. A loud crunching sound had caught my attention. A boy amount my age was weeping over the remains of a beautifully worked blown glass horse. I introduced myself while the rest of the group waited, flirted, or prayed.”

“The kid’s name was Sirocco and he was about as nice of a person as you’d ever meet. Handsome, too. I told him about a few tricks my mother had taught me in fixing broken bits of glass, but I admitted that I could not do much on my own and it probably wouldn’t look as good as it had before. It seemed that talking to him helped ease the pain of loosing something, so I kept talking…”

“It took a while for the god to appear. A few hours at least. What nobody realized is that some of group had long since attracted his attention, or at least his ire. When the god finally arrived he did not do so loudly. A small flash of flame beyond the group was the only announcement of his presence. His rage was burning hot rather than bright. I had been so caught up with Sirocco that I didn’t even notice the god’s arrival or his dark smile. In fact by the time my new friend and I turned around we were the only ones still standing within the temple.”

“Suzaku looked out over this procession of before him, everyone prostrated on the floor but the two boys in the back. His glare left me motionless. I cannot, to this day, remember ever being so afraid. Not even fools disrespect a god in their own place of power.”

“He spoke. His voice carrying throughout the temple and resonating with strength and purpose. ‘A fine bit of work you have done today. Qi’Berre, your prayer to me today is to impart knowledge and power. I have heard it and decided your effort worth an answer. But lo, Qi’Berre! I see you for what you are, lowly creature, your trappings of finery and gaudy displays are nothing but bluff and bribery. You dare come into MY home to manipulate me! Bold and foolish!’”

“’As punishment for your hubris I am relieving you of your tributes. The concubines and the priests will stay with me through the evening also. You, though…”

“A small gesture and the man seemed to burst into flame. Screams and fainting courtesans were all I remember. I could still barely get myself to move a muscle. I expected that Sirocco was facing the same instilled fear from where he stood a few paces behind me.”

“It only took a few moments but the Noble Qi’Barre was left naked and covered in soot. His hair had been singed, but other than that it appeared he was largely unharmed. The fire god’s decree rang out shortly after. ‘You have come to me wrapped in lies, but they go no further! For you presumption to command me through guile you are cursed within these lands. Until you step beyond Suta you shall make neither demands nor requests of any mortal of this Kingdom. If your pleas to the gods ring true and find purchase upon one of the others they may chose to answer, but you will not so much as utter my name.’”

“In hindsight the curse was clever. He made Qi’Barre rely on the kindness of others as he could not ask for food, clothing, or shelter. He had no possessions until he reached the far wall and was forced to travel hundreds of miles on his own. A journey that must have been rather… enlightening.”

“Of course I was too busy being immobilized by fear to take any of that in, in the moment. The god rounded his burning gaze upon me. Gesturing a dispersal of those who remained. The priests and concubines were ushered into the interior chambers while the entourage and former Noble left, separately.”

“‘Ah, the other disrespectful little human.’ From the air a blade formed within his grasp. I could only close my eyes as he raised his arm… and then, Sirocco’s voice cut through the silence.”

“‘’You are wrong!’ My young friend cried out against the strike, putting himself before me. Oddly there was no sound of a blow nor a cry of pain. I opened my eyes to see the child and the god locked in a stare. The god answered. ‘Oh, and how am I wrong? Has he not disrespected me in my place of power. What would you have me do? Surely I cannot let that stand.’.”

“Needless to say I was speechless, which was okay seeing as how Sirocco was ready for the challenge. ‘First he has shown a child here great compassion and friendship. Second, he offered to mend an object by forging. Third, he has shown bravery and independence by leaving his… liege… to do so. In fact by showing me respect and kindness he does so to you as well. Right, father? Since that Qi’Berre is now gone from here by your edict I would say that you should answer, in earnest, the prayers you were sent today. Let him stay near the temple and learn from us. Since he hasn’t fainted by your gaze alone I would wager he has the strength of spirit to do so.’”

The god did not reply, but a prideful smile graced his face. I found myself able to move once more and, more than that, I found a home…

Burden of Mercy

Sun Forged Oath Stiles